‘Tis been a while. A long while.

Hey, here I am, alive, after..how long? Might as well update you all on what’s been going on. So many things have happened since I’ve last been on here, where to start.

Well..it’s final! It’s all set guys. I’m going to New York! It was honestly a roller coaster in getting to this decision. From, applying to different colleges, community colleges, to even accepting the fact that I could not go and study in New York. But thankfully, oh so very thankfully, I am able to. I leave in a couple weeks which is honestly, absolutely, terrifyingly, exciting. For the first time I’ll explore and do things on my own. Experience things, meet new people, go different places. I’m ready physically and spiritually, aaand emotionally…getting there. It’s just hard leaving family and friends but time and time again I’ve told myself that this is a good and right decision so..NY here I come.

As for other things in my life. Over time, I’ve learned and decided that focusing on myself is the best decision at the moment. Finding who I am, being independent, and just living life I suppose, is what I should be focusing on. I’ve got my entire life ahead of me, you know? Do I regret anything in my past? No. And honestly, never will. Why should I? They’ve gotten me to where I am now. To who I am now. The things I’ve gone through only push me to learn from them and grow from it. I’m just so blessed (#blessed#blessup lol.) that the people, my family and friends, have not only worked through a lot of the obstacles we had but are now stronger than ever. Obviously there is still a healing process but it’s a miracle that we’re all still here and together. ❤

I still work and I’m honestly really sad that I have to leave them so soon. I was pretty lucky to get a first job with coworkers and a boss that I love. Sure, there’s the occasional a-hole and group of d-bags but hopefully, I can come work for them again during summer haha. ^-^

I guess that’s all the updates for now. I actually forgot how relaxing late night writing is..

Good night everyone.


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