Stages of Life

Aah the stages of life..I don’t know how many times my parents have stressed to my sister and I about the “stages of life”. The stages, if you don’t know, are certain milestones or points in a persons life in which certain things can happen. For instance from like 13-21 these are the studying stages. After that, you can start to work and settle down etc. I didn’t really see the importance in these stages honestly, but as I go through life and get older I do see now, where they’re coming from. I, as an 18 year old, am preparing for college, making sure I graduate highschool, working as a waitress, and balancing family and church responsibilities (and obvi making sure I have time for myself).

Now, looking at these, I can clearly see now my priorities and what has to wait. However, I am a very emotionally driven person so that does not mean I don’t long for a significant other or that I don’t miss a certain person (a whole lot). All I realize now is that there will be a time for that. Where I can freely love someone wholeheartedly without any restrictions or boundaries or guilt, even. Time, patience, and trust is all I need right now. I want to be the best I can be for not only myself, but for whoever I end up with and right now, I am not. I also wish they strive to be the same, to have goals, aspirations, and although it seems difficult and lengthy, how can we be the best for ourselves and each other if we don’t work hard for it?

As corny and as much eye-rolling I do when my parents talk about the stages, it really does seem logical. See, it seems like suuuch a long time for the next stage but time flies by so fast. Before you know it, I’m graduating college. So right now, I’m going to enjoy each day until the time comes for the next stage of my life and I sincerely hope you do too. ❤


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