Restaurant Woes | 3.17.16

I am a patient person. Usually lol. But since working in a restaurant, my patience reaaally gets tested. Even the most patient person in the world has to vent sometime. That is why, I am making a series, a rather occasional one, where I vent. Please bear with me and maybe even laugh at it. (sidenote, I do love my job lol)

  1. If we are clearly closed, cleaning up, mopping the floor for goodness sakes, that is a clear sign for you to not order anymore food and leave. Thank you very very much.
  2. Thanks for asking if I’m single ma’am, but sorry, just because I am, I do not want to date your son. (Believe it or not this is not the first time a mom has told me about her son)
  3. I cleARLY see you talking to my boss and pointing directly at me, and not even quietly asking if I am single. I’d still say no obviously, but did you really, seriously, honestly, just ask my boss and not me? What?
  4. Thanks for having such a big family come and leave with a bowl of rice and noodles dropped on the floor and no tip. Helps a ton. Definitely.
  5. Yes I know our dish is called Mi So Hot but that does not give you any brownie points or one INCH in winning me over if I say, “I have one order of mi so hot?” and you respond, “Yes, that you are.” Like, nOO.

That is it for tonight. The funny thing is I’m not over exaggerating one bit. *sigh* Although stressful at times, there are little things that make me love my job and brighten my day. Like seeing my best friend for a bit and order ice-cream, cool coworkers that share the same dilemmas, or even a little boy that keeps running up and hugging me and blowing a thousand kisses. It’s fun, challenging yes, but definitely fun.


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