18. When you are no longer a sweet 16 nor a dancing queen but suddenly pushed into the age of being an “adult”. I kind of dislike birthdays actually, not due to the fact of me aging and being one year closer to death lol, but the fact that people make a big deal out of it. “This is your day, shine, party!” Like no, sit down, chill. I’d rather spend it with close family and friends than have a huge celebration. But other than that, I’m actually quite happy about being 18. Although scary, it’s exciting looking at all the things that lie ahead. All the things to see and experience, learning more about yourself and what not. What’s interesting to me is the thought that when you were 10 and 18 seemed so far away, and yet here I am. 18. Wondering where time has gone. So honestly, as cheesy as it is, make every day count and make the most out of each relationship you have.

Adulthood, here we go.


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