You know, why not?

When I was younger, I didn’t like the idea of having a tattoo. Having something that would stay on your body forever. But now, that’s one of the reasons WHY I’d like one. To have a phrase or whatever that means so much to you, a remembrance, something that impacted you. Of course some people would think otherwise, but alas, tis’ my body. As to what I would get, I decided to share a couple phrases that mean a lot to me. YES, lol, it does seem pretty basic to get something in french, but honestly,I really do love the language and how beautiful it makes every phrase sound and I sWEAR and promise it is a life-goal to actually learn it through and through. Okay? Alright.

Vous Etes Mon Cœur “You are my heart”

Mon Avenir “My Future”

Mon Amour “My Love”

Tu es mon amour “You are my love” 

il est entré dans mon cœur “he has entered my heart” 

aujourd’hui tu seras avec moi dans le paradis “today you will be with me in paradise” (From Luke 23:43)

I feel like I can hear your eyes rolling lol it does seem pretty “lame” or “basic”, but each one of these phrases mean a lot to me in different ways, and that’s what matters most right? Anyway, this whole “getting a tattoo” idea has sparked a slight obsession of looking at different tattoo artists’ and their work. I love seeing artists that actually take their time and create tattoos that are unique. A+ guys, A+.

But I mean who knows, this desire to get one might change. It’s just good to have an idea if ever you know? We’ll see, we’ll see. 😉


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