The Highest Good

As some of you know, my family devotes our morning breakfast to just sit down, have some coffee, and talk. Sometimes it’s completely ridiculous (and with filipino parents that’s inevitable), but other times it’s really thought-provoking and/or encouraging. This morning, my sister brought up a “Ted Talks” that she watched and it was about how a person with an addiction is usually tossed into jail or some sort of solitary confinement. The speaker shared that this method doesn’t actually help the person in fact it just stills the addiction for a moment but once the person is released, a single thing can make it come back as before (or even worse).

So how do you deal with addictions? Or on a more general view, how do you deal with something you yearn for constantly?

As a family we concluded with this. When someone suddenly takes something away, you are left empty and wanting to fill that void again right? Instead of reverting back to whatever it was, you fill that void with a “higher good”, if that makes sense. For instance, family, relationships, these are all higher goods which are, indeed, very helpful and fulfilling. However there is an even higher good, that is, Jesus Christ. Everlasting and eternal, able to fill any void you have. So yearn for him, and nothing else, seek him, and nothing else. For he is where you will find true joy and happiness, more than you have ever felt with anything. Whether that is with relationships, drugs, money, anything.

Find these in him, grow, and make him your center. Make him, as the topic suggests, your addiction. ;P


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