Realizations and Growth.

I don’t know where to start…

We are individuals, separate. I wouldn’t have realized that if we had continued like this. As much as I denied it, I was losing sight and focus on my own being. Dependent you could say. But that’s just who I am, when I get mad, I get really mad, when I like something, I really, really do and I realized I needed balance. I do thank you for guiding us back to God but was that really enough? I slipped into this “us” mentality and didn’t realize that we were, in fact, individuals. Yes, we needed to grow and prepare our hearts, but by ourselves. They didn’t shut down the whole idea of a possibility that we would be something someday, but the timing was not right and I won’t deny that my emotions got the best of me. You and I talked about being open and how the future is uncertain. 80% to be specific, but that 20% is still important. Time changes people, changes things, and what if one of us has waited and the other hasn’t?

So, what I’m trying to say is, God does have a plan that is much greater than ours. Grow individually, love him first, and focus on your path. Whatever he has planned, it’s the best you know that. Openness is important, and thinking that this is it doesn’t allow for God to work in our lives. I’m happy for all the things we went through but we need to focus on ourselves. As much as it hurts, this is needed. There are greater things planned for you and I, I know that for sure. I will keep moving forward, and I pray you do too, towards God and his will for your life.


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