Mexico Mission Trip 2015

I went on a mission trip to Mexico and for just that one week it was an unforgettable experience and I’ve learned so much from the people there. Our week focused on prayer, which is the Primary work of God’s people. ( Preparing for Mexico, I found it quite tedious and my heart was never really in it. However, as we arrived, God slowly changed my heart. The people I met, the hands I shook, the prayers that were said, the testimonies; every single moment opened my eyes. The boldness, the hospitality, and the faith they had, even with a language barrier I could still feel God working.

Every morning we would all gather and pray and share things we’ve learned. It was nerve wrecking at first but as the week went on I found myself looking forward to it.  I felt convicted, even, because I always thought of prayer as a chore and something I didn’t have time for but I’ve learned that prayer is such an easy and simple thing to do. Something I didn’t need to complain about. I cared so much about what people would say and think because that was the norm here. In Mexico, people had no fear, they didn’t care what people thought, and it was as if they were alone with God. Prayer is a way to build a relationship and communicate with God. It’s from your heart to his so why should I mind what people might say or think?

Although only a few hours away from home, this culture, and my experiences have impacted me in a way I never thought it would. Just as I was encouraged, I also want to encourage everyone to continuously be praying for missions, that every nation will come to know and worship God. Maybe pray for the courage to partake in world missions if that is what you are called to. Whoever and wherever you are, you can partake in missions through prayer, through giving, and through going.



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