No doubt about it.

A year ago from now, I wrote about a girl. A girl that’s beautiful, smart, funny, and amazing. That girl is my sister. If you’d like to read the post I wrote go here:

It was her birthday yesterday (March 12) and not a day goes by that I don’t thank God for giving me a sister like her. A lot of things have changed since last year (that’s kind of inevitable) but something big is happening this 2014. You see, she turned 18. 18…the big 1-8..the year she goes to college. We’re all excited for her don’t get me wrong, but I just can’t help feeling sad. We’ve been together our whole lives and now we are gonna be separated. I’m really gonna miss her. No doubt about it. 


Promise me you’ll be safe ok? You know I love you and try not to worry so much. I’m always a phone call away. Happy Birthday sis. 🙂




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