Sorry Notes..

My best-friend of almost 6 years did something that hurt her family and the people around her. Including me. I was angry and disappointed for quite some time but every time I saw her my heart would break. I couldn’t bring myself to ignore her or throw angry slurs. I just wanted to hug her and say I forgive you. You’re my best friend and even though what you did hurt me, I forgive you.

No matter what you’re closest friends do, even if it takes time, you’ll forgive them. This is the healing process. It can take 1 day, 1 month, 1 year, but no matter how serious the problem they’re still the same person. She went on a trip to Texas just before Christmas and she told me my Christmas present would be really late. 🙂 She came back with a dainty little dream catcher and a sorry note. She would write letters to me every birthday and Christmas; each time I got a letter it warmed my heart. I would smile really dorky and thank God for giving me a friend like this.

Cherish your friends. It’s much better if you have one true friend that will stick with you, than a million friends that will abandon you.


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