Do Dreams Come True?

Do Dreams Come True?

Ever since I was young (er…younger), I’ve always wanted to go to the Big Apple. I don’t know why. The city had its own gravitational pull. And it was pulling me. The concrete buildings, the art, the history, everything about that city attracted me. It was like a dream. A dream that was so close. I finally got to taste the liveliness of New York one January. My family and I took a trip there for a few days. I cherished every single day even though it was freezing. I was entranced. We got to hit most of the well-known attractions like, Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, etc. After that trip, I made a promise to myself. No matter what, I will study here. Whether it be, for my bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate’s, I will study in New York. It’s been 2 years since we last went and I’d give anything to go back there. There’s just one thing I’m worried about. I went there as a tourist. What if I went to live there? Would my view of New York change completely? Would this image of a lively city be turned around?
Do dreams really come true?


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