Suuupperr Belated Birthday Story

So a while ago, in march, I wrote a shortish poem/idontknowwhattocallit to my sister. Aaaannndd I just decided to post it up now lol. Hope you enjoy! ;D

P.s. “Ate” in Tagalog translates to big sister.


She sits in the corner overlooking the rest of society. Engrossed in her book, she quietly slips into a world she wished she lived in. She takes joy in the simplest of things. Enjoying and savoring things as little as a cup of steaming hot tea. (even takes a picture of it) She dislikes carrots and dried coconut. She stresses over the silliest things. Such as a phone call or paying at a cash register. She over analizes situatations with the oh so famous “what if”. She has a habit of hiding her low self esteem with a joke. One of her habits is people watching—maybe that’s why she knows so much about me. She enjoys writing witty and slightly annoying captions on social networking sites. She laughs at funny faces and weird noises. She finds foreign movies hilarious and entertaining. She likes birch trees and paintings of them. She likes the color blue (electric blue to be exact) and hates attitudes. She is an avid language learner and wishes to be a polyglot and a teacher. She is truly an amazing creature. She is a child of GOD. She, with her hidden personality, is the only one who can make me laugh like a monkey. She is a woman after GOD’s own heart. She, is my sister.

Today, she turns 17. I thank GOD every day for giving me her. My life would be bland and boring without her. She brightens AND darkens my day, but that’s what I look forward to every morning. She was there when I was at my lowest of lows. She continues to support me and be there for me despite her usual tough exterior. She even surprises me sometimes with her sudden “i’m in a good mood” hugs. Sure, we have our ups and downs but that’s what builds our relationship. We cry and laugh together and that is what brings us closer together. I could go on forever but a birthDAY is obviously just one day so I’ll end with this.

Ate BG, I love you so much. I’m sure you know that. Happy HAPPY Birthday Ate!


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