So ladies and gents, here I present to you one of my old poems 😀


You scream.
You shout.
You wonder why you did this.
You wonder why you allowed yourself to come here.
You wish you hadn’t gone.
You feel that you’re going to die.
You can’t run.
You can’t escape.
You can’t leave.
Because you know that if you do, if you try you’re going to die.
The adrenaline is pumping through your veins.
Your friends are with you but all they can do is scream.
You slowly raise your hands.
You let your biggest scream out.
Along with others you prepare for the worst.
Thankfully it only lasts a short time.
Surprisingly, you want more.
You want to feel that fear.
The adrenaline.
After going through so much, you still want more.
But you’re tired.

Next time.

Next time again.

Roller Coasters.


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