Waiting for Her.

This is a piece I wrote on a whim a while ago. I though it was short and sweet so I thought I’d post it. Enjoy! (^-^)/

Waiting for Her by Eunice R.

“6:30 PM. March 1. We’ll meet at our favorite restaurant. You know which one right? Goodbye Sylvester see you in 3 years.” With a kiss on his cheek, she was gone.  I’m gonna miss her so much. It’s only three years, he says to himself. He takes one last glance at her. I should’ve told her how I felt. How much I loved her. How am I gonna survive without her? How am I gonna breathe without her? She was my world. But, was I hers? I shouldn’t have bought this ring. Tucking the ring in his drawer, he chokes back tears. Ever since that day he’s been patiently waiting for this girl. He marks his calendar counting the days when she’ll be back. Today is March 1. Nervous and frantic he drives to the restaurant. 6:29 PM. Right on time. After patiently waiting for 3 years, he clutches the ring in his shaky, sweaty hands and walks toward the table.


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